Amphibian Fauna of Taiwan

Rana sauteri

Common Names

梭德氏赤蛙 (Chinese)

Languages: English


Diagnostic Description

A medium sized frogs, 4cm SVL in males, 5cm SVL in females. Slender body upper surface brown, red brown or dark brown. A "八" dark mark usually on the central part of back side. Two dorso-lateral ridges on both sides of the body (It is more prominent than in the Rana longicrus). A diamond shaped dark mark covers the tympanum. A thin dark bar cross between two eyes on top of the head, 4~5 cross dark bars on the back side of both legs.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc

Taxon Biology

This frog mainly lives along banks of creeks or streams near secondary or primary forest. During non-breeding season it can be found in forest floor, distances away from the stream. It breeds in fall and winter, from September to November. Tadpoles brown or black, a sucking disc structure on the ventral side to adapt running water habitat.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc

Ecology and Distribution




Commonly found in mountain streams of creeks from 200M to 3000M above sea level.

Author(s): Lue,Kuang-Yang Creative Commons: by-nc


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